FIFA World Cup 2022: Romance in Qatar can land you in jail for 7 years, husband-wife exempt


The FIFA World Cup 2022 is hosted by Qatar in November this year. A large number of football fans from all over the world are expected here. Well, Qatar is already in talks, but not because it is the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar is making headlines for its stance on LGBTQ and rights violations of man.

And now it is reported that Qatar has also banned one-night stands and public romances during the World Cup. According to the UKTN report, Qatar has made it clear that foreign guests will have to abide by the Arab country’s strict laws. Police here said a non-husband-wife couple can be jailed for up to 7 years for establishing a physical relationship.

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Read | One-night stands during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar could lead to seven years in prison

Apart from this, many other strict laws have been implemented by the government of Qatar which makes it difficult for Western tourists.

Physical relationships of homosexuals, celibates a crime

Qatar is governed by Islamic Sharia. According to this, single people having a physical relationship are considered an offense. In addition, there is a provision providing penalties for homosexuality. The report quotes the Qatar police as saying that foreign nationals can also be imprisoned for 7 years for such crimes. Consensual sex of a non-husband-wife couple will also be considered a crime.

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Restrictions to be imposed

Partying and drinking alcohol will also be prohibited after a football match in Qatar. Also, if a couple’s last names are not the same, they will not be assigned a room together at the hotel. To get a room together, they must prove that they are husband and wife.

“Romance is not part of our culture”

FIFA World Cup chief official Nasser Al-Khater said outdoor romance is not part of Qatar’s culture so they cannot allow foreign guests to do it. He also added that the safety and security of football fans coming to Qatar would be their priority.

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Qatar is not the only country to have such strict rules in place. Such rules are common in most Arab countries governed by Sharia. Sex before marriage and with someone other than husband or wife is considered a serious crime. Sentences ranging from beating to prison and death are handed down in different countries in the Middle East.



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