Forties in style thanks to the American success story of Kyle Biskit


In a world temporarily called “post-pandemic,” travelers, although getting more daring, still dip their toes into the water of adventure a little more timidly. The desire for luxury never stops, so a good compromise is a stay that is both picturesque and the best of social distance. Revenge travel will also be a trend, as we’ve all been turned away in the last year or so and probably have more income available to start splurging. TSL (Top Shelf Lifestyle) Rentals merges these two trends to create some of Southern California’s most exclusive properties, great for social distancing.

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TSL Rentals owner and CEO Kyle Biskit saw the opportunity in the future of luxury by looking over his shoulder at his past, a past filled with obstacles and challenges that would have given to many others an excuse to stick to the security status quo. Kyle Biskit started out on the streets years ago in Detroit, faced with the options of turning to a life of crime or creating an honest life. As a black man, he endured racism and skepticism in the luxury markets, but endured the creation of a multi-million dollar company, representing luxury.

In addition to luxury home rentals, TSL can also provide luxury cars to complement the high end experience. This is what Kyle calls “One Stop Shop for Luxury”. The fact that this is also a black owned business adds to the sense of accomplishment as we have a long way to go to immediately associate the luxury of Southern California with black owned businesses. Kyle demonstrates that in America the opportunity to prosper and succeed is available to everyone.

TSL ready-to-rent properties include:

Villa Azura in Malibu – Overlooking the Pacific Coast, this 5-bedroom villa features a Jacuzzi tub in the master suite, an outdoor spa with ocean views, an updated kitchen with granite countertops and high ceilings.

Sunset Strip in Los Angeles – This property accommodates 15 people, offering them views of downtown LA and the Hollywood Hills. The master bedroom has a jacuzzi, sauna and dressing room.

Chateau, also in Los Angeles – Live like royalty as this property features an indoor fireplace, swimming pool, beach views and luxurious furnishings. Add a Lambo to the mix and you can surely feel like a celebrity.

Oceanfront Manhattan Beach – A more intimate home with a bedroom for seven people, the property is accessible to Manhattan and Hermosa beaches. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors open onto a private terrace.

Other properties are available and Kyle is always looking to the future. During the pandemic, when business was down, Kyle lowered his prices and even suffered a loss. The trend towards collective immunity is therefore excellent news. As the roller coaster pandemic continues to baffle us, Kyle Biskit’s ‘Forty in Style’ campaign is increasingly relevant. As one takes the long road back to normalcy, TSL Rentals makes this trip luxurious and indulgent.



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