FTSE 100 poised to pounce after yesterday’s crashes



The FTSE 100 was about to jump today after yesterday’s bizarre stumble that saw tech companies suddenly slide into what some traders called a “flash crash”.

In fact, the sharp drop was more of a lightning swing than a crash, triggered by a late-morning slide in Wall Street futures – which indicates how US markets will perform.

The futures market proved right, tech markets fell in the US and Europe followed suit, with the FTSE ending down 0.7%, or 46 points.

This could lead to a rollback in stuck tech-focused stocks like home delivery giants Ocado and AO World, both of which fell sharply yesterday.

It is optional that he pays all of this, but the markets took a dim view, brutally punishing the stock price on Friday.

His attempts to explain his thinking yesterday to analysts have only led to increased sales amid fears of a political backlash at a time when so many Britons are suffering poverty due to the Covid crisis .

Given that it is the only UK bank with a suitable investment bank, Barclays will have more political and media heat on the issue than Lloyds or NatWest, who cut their investment arms after the financial crisis.

Investors today may, however, feel that the weakness in the stock price has gone too far and start eating Barclays stock again.



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