Funeral of the Queen: Who’s in the Procession – and Who’s Behind the Coffin?


The route will be lined by the armed forces from Westminster Abbey to the top of Constitution Hill at the Commonwealth Memorial Gates.

The procession consists of seven groups, each supported by a service band. Mounties from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will lead the way, followed immediately by representatives from the Royal Ulster Constabulary, NHS, along with detachments from the Commonwealth Armed Forces.

At Wellington Arch, the Royal Family will watch as the Queen’s casket is transferred to the new state hearse, details of which have been approved by the Queen, before it embarks on its journey to Windsor Castle.

  • Forward of the gun carriage: Mounted Metropolitan Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Representatives of the George Cross, Representative Detachments of the Commonwealth Forces, Representative Detachments of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force, Defense Advisers and Staffs of Her Majesty’s Realms, Representative Colonels of the armed forces of the Commonwealth of which Her Majesty was the Supreme Colonel, Service Chaplains of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, Representatives of the armed forces of which Her Majesty was Air Commodore-in-Chief, Representative Colonels Commander, Colonels and Honorary Colonels of Her Majesty’s Regiments and Corps, Commander General of the Royal Marines, Representatives of Her Majesty’s Ships, Commander Strategic Command, Deputy Chief of the Defense Staff, Chief of the Air Force, Chief of the General Staff, Chief of the Naval Staff, Chief of the Defense Staff, Drum Horse and State Trumpeter, First Division of the Sovereign’s Escort, Major General Commanding the Household Division and staff, pursuers, heralds and kings of arms, captains of the bodyguard, household of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Behind the gun carriage: Escort Party of the Household Cavalry, Second Division of The Sovereign’s Escort, Earl of Wessex and Forfar, The Duke of York, The Princess Royal, The King, Mr. Peter Phillips, The Duke of Sussex, The Prince of Wales
    Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, The Duke of Gloucester, The Earl of Snowdon, The Queen Consort, The Princess of Wales, The Duchess of Sussex, The Countess of Wessex and Forfar, Field Officer in Brigade Waiting, Silver Stick in Waiting, Colonel Coldstream Guards, Gold Stick on Watch, Adjutant in Waiting Brigade, Silver Stick Adjutant, Crown Equerry, Household of the King, Household of the Prince of Wales.
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Windsor procession: who is behind the coffin?

The Earl Marshal said that at 3:06 pm the state hearse will approach Shaw Farm Gate on Albert Road, Windsor and join the procession that will be in position.

The procession departs at 3:10 PM via Albert Road, Long Walk, Cambridge Gate, Cambridge Drive, George IV Gate, Quadrangle (south and west sides), Engine Court, Norman Arch, Chapel Hill, Parade Ground and Horseshoe Cloister Arch.

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At approximately 3:40 PM, the King and other members of the Royal Family walking in the procession join the procession at the Quadrangle on the north side as it merges into Engine Court.



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