George Conway: Trump once again incriminated himself in an ‘illegal’ election plot


Former President Donald Trump continues to very publicly admit he was involved in an “illegal” scheme to nullify the election, conservative attorney George Conway said Saturday.

In a two-hour speech at the “Faith and Freedom” conference on Friday, Trump spoke at length about pressuring Mike Pence to reject the electoral votes cast for Joe Biden on January 6, 2021.

It was Trump’s first speech since a series of gripping hearings by the House Select Committee investigating last year’s insurgency.

“From the prosecutor’s perspective, let him keep talking,” Conway told host Katie Phang on MSNBC. “He still admits he put pressure on [former Vice President] Mike Pence to do something that was completely illegal. »

“Someone should tell him that he has the right to remain silent and that anything he says can and will be used against him in court,” added Conway, husband of the former senior Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway.

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Trump also said he would “very, very seriously” consider granting clemency to the defendants who stormed the Capitol if he is re-elected. It could be considered attempted “witness tampering” if he had that power now, Conway said.

That’s what he “did a few years ago…dangling graces to people,” Conway noted.

He called the violence at the Capitol a “simple protest” that got out of hand and falsely claimed that “most” of the rioters had only been charged with “parading the Capitol”.

Conway also discussed Trump’s “willful blindness” to the illegality of plotting to nullify a legitimate presidential election. “He understood, but he didn’t care,” Conway said.

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