Halston x Netflix collection is a sophisticated tribute to ’70s glamor


Halston was a legendary designer, perfect for his time: the 1970s was an era of excess, a creative revolution, a mystical creation, filled with aerial kisses from sexy and famous people. the Netflix series, Halston, illustrates how groundbreaking Halston’s creations were and what a tragic figure he carved out, pursuing a dream with those around him, throwing his name away by selling it and spending the proceeds of drugs and a lavish lifestyle. From the outside, however, the fashions were to die for: clean, feminine, figure-hugging lines, punctuated by accessories created by Elsa Peretti, who was the designer’s first house model. The Studio 54 lifestyle was the envy of every ambitious New Yorker of the time, as they watched Halston’s muse Liza Minelli dance with abandon in her sexy halter neck jumpsuits, and Bianca Jagger. make an entrance on a white horse. Everything was very glamorous and the clothes were as dazzling as the people.

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To celebrate the series, Halston collaborated with Netflix to create a limited edition capsule collection. Halston x Netflix is a ten-piece evening wear collection, inspired by archival designs and original costumes featured in the limited series. Designed by Halston Creative Director Robert Rodriguez, the collection is currently available for pre-order exclusively on Halston.com and will ship to customers in late July. Prices for the collection range from $ 995 to $ 1,595.

Rodriguez generously shared the story of his journey through this extraordinary project.

What differences did you find in the design of this capsule collection compared to what you design for the Halston brand?

There wasn’t much difference between the two. While designing for the main collection, I looked at the Halston archives for references and inspiration. For the capsule collection, Netflix came to us in early spring, they had wanted to release some vintage Halston pieces from our archives. This is when I first heard about the Halston Netflix series. The costume designer, Jeriana San Juan and I shared a conversation and found out how Halston has inspired us in so many ways throughout our careers. Netflix then sent me a deck with all the costumes used in the show. I was able to choose 10 dresses that inspired me; from then on I started to think and draw. I wanted to recreate a collection that seemed iconic to Halston, but in a modern way.

How do your designs for this capsule collection resemble the original Halston archives?

Each style was based on a look highlighted in the series. Most of the looks in the series were archival pieces or original costumes based on archival styles, designed by costume designer Jeriana San Juan. What you will see in the Halston x Netflix The capsule collection is a reinterpretation of these key looks. I modernized the silhouettes and the fabrications, and proposed new colors while keeping the general aesthetic similar.

Do you have a favorite room?

These are all my kids, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I have to pick, I love the “Liza”. It is a shimmering silver sheer pleated caftan with a bodysuit. I like that the silhouette is very reminiscent of Halston, but the bodysuit modernizes it. He also has incredible movement when he is on the body.

Did you speak to any of Halston’s original customers or their entourage while doing your research?

I’m pretty close to Halston’s fit model, Chris Royer. We talk every Sunday and we talk about Halston, his inspiration and his ideas about his personality. She also serves as a mentor and I consult her often and share sketches to get a taste of what Halston would think.

Who do you plan to wear the capsule collection with?

The price of this collection is slightly higher than our main collection. We wanted to target a designer client and chose to use premium fabrics and craftsmanship such as batik print chiffon and lurex chiffon. We really wanted this capsule to embody the luxurious and sexy glamor of the 1970s and 1980s.

How is today’s Halston customer different from their customers in the 1970s?

I think the Halston woman of today looks a lot like her clients in the ’70s. She always seeks that effortless simplicity, which was iconic for Halston. Fluidity and femininity have always been part of my UKTN and there is a certain sensuality that we both love. Fashion in the 70s was all about fantasy, and I feel like that holds true today.

Is it easier or harder to be a designer today, and why?

I find it much more of a challenge to be a designer today than before. Many creators have been hit hard this year due to the pandemic. Some have ventured into different categories just to stay afloat and survive. It is important for today’s designers to stay true to their vision and what they stand for.

Do you have a muse like Liza or Elsa?

I don’t have a specific muse. I believe all women are inspiring today. I think Halston was very avant-garde, he wanted to dress the world. When I design for Halston today I keep this in mind and try to include women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Where would you like to see the Halston brand in five years?

I would like to continue to evolve the collection and expand it into a lifestyle brand by introducing new categories.



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