Heathrow Airport covered in ‘luggage carpet’ amid chaotic technical error


Passengers at Heathrow Airport spotted a ‘luggage mat’ in a closed terminal after chaos ensued for travelers over the weekend.

In recent weeks dozens of flights have been canceled with reports of passengers being stranded and waiting up to six hours to be ‘sent home’.

But last Friday (June 17), Heathrow, the UK’s busiest airport, also experienced a major technical error which led to a huge collection of luggage accumulating following a problem with the baggage system.

Passengers reported luggage belts not working, causing staff to place all suitcases together.

The ‘luggage belt’ was spotted at Heathrow Airport

In the video, which gained 19,700 likes on TikTok, the bags were seen laid out in a closed terminal like “a carpet” as staff members wearing high-visibility jackets try to sort through everything.

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The clip’s caption read, “A ‘huge baggage carousel’ has been spotted outside a terminal as staff grapple with ‘a persistent problem with the baggage system’.”

Industry experts have warned that the worst of the travel disruption may be yet to come, with issues set to continue well into next year, according to MyLondon.

The disruption also continued today (June 20), with around 30 flights and 5,000 passengers will be affected.

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A Heathrow spokesperson told the UKTN: “We apologize unreservedly for the disruption passengers have faced over the weekend.

“Technical issues affecting baggage systems have led us to take the decision to ask airlines operating in Terminals 2 and 3 to consolidate their schedules on Monday June 20.

“This will allow us to minimize the ongoing impact and we ask all passengers to check with their airlines for the latest information.”

luggage spotted at Heathrow airport
Luggage has been piling up at Heathrow Airport since June 17

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The news comes after a Scandinavian Airlines pilot completely disparaged Britain’s biggest airport in a hilarious announcement to passengers.

The pilot, who had just landed at Heathrow, stepped out of the cockpit into the cabin and grabbed the intercom to land in London airport, explaining to those on board why Heathrow is so chaotic and why flights are so delayed.

He also joked about the size of the yacht he is looking forward to spending time on when he retires in six months after trying to land a plane at a busy airport.



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