Here’s all in Sony’s massive new PS5 update, launching tomorrow


It has been tested and re-tested, and finally it is ready to go. Sony is giving the PS5 a pretty big update tomorrow, which will change many aspects of the console and open up new accessibility in some areas.

Sony posted a blog on the changes to the system after being beta tested, which should improve the PS5 overall, although there are also things to come for the PS4 and Sony’s mobile apps. .

This is the second major update for the PS5 since its launch, and here’s what you’ll find tomorrow.

  • Players can now customize their Control Center by rearranging or hiding the controls at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the game base, players can now easily view and write messages directly to friends and groups.
  • The PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game are separate from each other and are more clearly labeled.
  • PS Now gets a resolution switcher and a connection tester.
  • A new Trophy Tracker gives players quick access to five trophies per game.

  • The PS5 will now have 3D audio support for the built-in TV speakers, which can be changed in settings. Headsets already have this feature since their launch.
  • The PS5 can now expand its storage capacity with M.2 SSDs, which can be installed in either edition of the PS5. Drives must meet a very specific set of requirements and require a heat sink that meets the size requirements for the console. There is a full FAQ page on how to get the right SSD and install it with this new media.
  • Remote playback can now use mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi. To manage mobile data, you can select your preferred video quality for streaming.
  • One week starting Thursday, an update will allow players to view Friends Sharing screen broadcasts together, which only works on PS5.

So those are the major updates, and as you can see there are a few big ones, including the ability to finally expand PS5 storage with a new SSD. The current one already seems small to many players for quite some time, so it’s good to see.

I also like the changes to the separation of the PS5 and PS4 versions of the games, as it’s been confusing since the jump, and it’s good that it’s labeled more clearly. It looks like they’ll have to take it a step further with the UX changes, because most importantly I want the option to get the giant full-page ad off my screen when I start my console every time, but it doesn’t seem not change from this update, only the control center adjustments. But that’s welcome too, I guess.

Either way, it’s a big update, so be prepared for your system to install it tomorrow.

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