Here’s how everyone in New York can get free lunch on Tuesday


Remember lunch? You know, the midday meal when work stopped, laptops shut down, and you just focused on food, maybe with another human being? The sad office salad has proliferated during the pandemic, leaving far too many nine-to-fives working through lunch or simply not having lunch at all. Random handfuls of afternoon snacks don’t count.

A new survey by Grubhub of 1,000 full-time New York and national employees found that skipping lunch is indeed a national dilemma. In fact, the survey found that lunch is the cause of the “work first” mentality: 40% of workers nationwide said they were taking fewer lunch breaks than 2 years.

This survey also revealed that more than half of American workers (70%) say they have skipped lunch because they have been too busy.

Lunch is important though! Nearly half of employees nationwide (47%) say having a real lunch break would improve their mental wellbeing – and 1 in 5 even say they would take a lunch break with higher pay. It’s a precious meal!

And because nearly 3 in 4 New Yorkers (72%) think lunch is the most important meal of the day and 81% value it more now than before the pandemic, Grubhub decided to use this study. of consumption to offer all of NYC for free. lunch, up to $15, redeemable in their app on Tuesday, May 17. All New Yorkers have to do is use the code FREELUNCH at checkout from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

An online widget has been set up to help New Yorkers remember to order their lunch and maybe even get away from their screens while enjoying it. Those who share their free meal on social media with #FreeForLunchSweepstakes will also be eligible to win a $50 Grubhub gift card.

$15 doesn’t exactly get you a steak and martini lunch in town, but it’s certainly a worthwhile treat — and a fun event to attend. Maybe May 17 will become National Lunch Day in the future!



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