Here’s the ‘Destiny 2’ season of the Lost Roadmap, sort of


Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost kicked off without any roadmap, which is unusual considering we’ve had one for every season for at least two years now. Given that this is a six month season before The Witch Queen, I thought it might take a while for Bungie to put together such a long period, and now we have our first roadmap for Season of the Lost.

Good kind of.

I hesitate to call it a roadmap, and even Bungie doesn’t call it that. Above is what they call a “calendar,” with no specific weekly reset dates, just things that happen in specific months. There are some new information there, but not a lot, and much of it is what we already know about the current season and the upcoming anniversary event. See here in a larger form.

Here are the highlights:

August September: Pretty much everything we’ve done so far. Astral alignment and shattered realm. We just received the Ager Exotic Quest from yesterday. I’m not quite sure what “Legendary Weapon Quests” are, but I’m kind of guessing this is just seasonal weapon farming? Technically, we should only have two more weekly resets until the initial “main” questline of Lost is complete, the game with the Techeuns, but who knows what happens after that, and the rest of the schedule. doesn’t really offer any clues about it.

October November: So here we have the official confirmation that the Festival of the Lost’s Haunted Forest is dead, which I thought they were when they vaulted Mercury, and instead we get something called “Haunted Lost Sectors” which should be new. This is also when we receive our dinosaur armor. Astral and Shattered will get difficulty options, but it’s unclear what the rewards are supposed to be for those. Maybe some high stat armor or dual advantage weapons or something, similar to last season.

december-february: And finally, this sprawling stretch of time will be the “second half” of the season, with the 30th anniversary event kicking off which has both paid and free components. A new Six Party Activity is free, while the new Loot Cave Dungeon and Gjallarhorn Return are paid. It’s also the first time I’ve heard of the return of Moments of Triumph, as we usually get them much earlier than here. The Dawning has also not been replaced by the Anniversary event.

Again, we do not have specific dates related to anything moving forward really, so what’s going to happen at any given reset will be a mystery, and I guess Bungie has a few surprises up its sleeve, rather than just … gaping voids of downtime before Witch Queen. Certainly there will be some downtime during that six month period, and yet I know they want to maintain their recent momentum.

I like that a lot of things are unknown here, because sometimes the roadmaps can give too much a lot far. In this case, it looks like the next 2-3 weeks will be the culmination of Mara Ley Line’s current story, but I can’t imagine that’s all that’s going on with Lost’s story this season. , and it could move to a new phase. And sure enough, the anniversary event looks to be awesome.

So that may be our “roadmap” for the season, and I don’t expect more anytime soon. We’re just going to log in every Tuesday and see what happens, I guess.

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