Herschel Walker recognizes two other children he didn’t mention


ATLANTA — Herschel Walker, the Republican Senate candidate from Georgia who has frequently criticized absentee fathers, especially in black households, has admitted he is the father of a second son whom he has not publicly mentioned. previously, as well as a grown daughter who was born when he was in his early twenties.

The revelation, reported by The Daily Beast on Thursday, is the second this week relating to the children Mr Walker fathered but has not disclosed publicly. The outlet reported on Tuesday about a 10-year-old son of Mr Walker who he is not in contact with.

On Wednesday, Mr. Walker’s campaign shared with the media a form he filled out in 2018 to seek appointment to former President Donald J. Trump’s Sports, Fitness and Nutrition Council. It listed the names of four children: his 22-year-old son Christian, whom Mr Walker spoke of often during the election campaign; 10 year old son; a 13-year-old child; and an adult daughter.

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The Daily Beast has withheld the names of the children and their mothers for confidentiality reasons.

“I have four children,” Mr Walker said in a statement to The New York Times. “Three sons and a daughter. They are not “undisclosed” – they are my children. I support them all and I love them all. I have never denied my children.

He added: “To say that I hide my children because I don’t tell journalists about them to win a campaign? It’s scandalous. I can handle the heat, it’s politics – but leave my kids alone.

Tuesday’s Daily Beast report on Mr Walker’s 10-year-old son said the child’s mother sued Mr Walker a year after giving birth for a declaration of paternity and child support, and that the lawsuit lasted until August 2014, when Mr Walker was ordered to pay child support. The boy, then over 2 years old, took the surname of Mr Walker.

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It is unclear how involved Mr Walker has become in the lives of his 13-year-old son and adult daughter. When asked if Mr Walker had paid child support for them, his campaign manager Scott Paradise said ‘he honored all his obligations’.

Mr Walker has taken an active role in the life of his eldest son, Christian, and has focused on their relationship in his campaign speeches and interviews. He also criticized the absence of fathers and father figures in some black homes – which he described as “a major and major problem” in black communities in a 2020 interview with conservative activist Charlie Kirk.

Mr Warnock is currently embroiled in a custody dispute with his ex-wife, who has sued to change the terms of their agreement and have his child support payments ‘recalculated’. Mr Warnock’s campaign declined to comment for this article.

This week’s news about Mr Walker’s children comes after a series of reports detailing his exaggerations and outright lies about his life before entering politics. He falsely claimed he worked as a law enforcement officer in Georgia and with the FBI in Quantico, Va., according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He also spoke falsely about his college degree, which he did not, and UKTN reported that he even lied about whether he lied about his college degree. He also falsely claimed that he graduated “in the top 1% of my class”.


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