Hong Kong lifts mandatory quarantine for international travelers with new “0 + 3” rule


Strict pandemic rules remain in place for international travelers

On Friday, Hong Kong announced it will end its mandatory hotel quarantine, lifting some of the world’s toughest travel restrictions, which devastated the economy and kept the financial hub internationally isolated for nearly two years.

This move has brought relief to residents and businesses, who are suffering from the strict travel restrictions. For the past two and a half years, Hong Kong has adhered to some version of China’s strict zero-covid rules. Following Hong Kong’s announcement, China will be the only country to remain in quarantine for a long time for international arrivals.

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Hong Kong follows 0+3 schedule

Chief Executive John Lee said the current three days of hotel quarantine would be reduced to zero for those coming from abroad, UKTN reported. From September 26, travelers will be subject to PCR testing on arrival and will not be able to visit restaurants and bars for the first three days under system authorities that have called “0+3”.

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“Under this arrangement, the quarantine hotel system will be canceled,” Lee told reporters.

Rules to follow:

Strict pandemic rules remain in place, including social distancing restrictions, mandatory mask wearing and digital health codes to enter public locations.

Overseas arrivals will also require further PCR testing on days two, four and six in the city.

Tourists who test positive will be isolated in hotel rooms at their own expense. Most residents can isolate themselves at home, but those who cannot be sent to government agencies.

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Group gatherings of more than four people in public remain prohibited.

Authorities also said they are lifting quotas for arrivals from mainland China – but those going in the opposite direction must still be quarantined under Beijing’s strict zero-covid rules, an UKTN report said.



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