Hot coal walk as part of team building exercise injures 25 in Switzerland: report


The party took place on a private island near Zurich. (Representative photo)

Twenty-five people were treated for burns in Switzerland after stepping on a bed of hot coal as part of a team building exercise, Independent said in a report. The private “firewalking” event was held on an island near Lake Zurich on Tuesday, the report added.

Emergency services were called to the private island and 13 of the injured were rushed to the local hospital as they suffered severe burns. The others were treated on the spot.

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Emergency response teams arrived with 10 ambulances, according to the UKTN.

Police said the group walked on a several-meter-long bed of coal and felt pain shortly afterwards, the outlet added in the report. Cops, however, did not say whether the problem was related to how the coal bed was set up or how people walked through it.

The police opened an investigation and gathered evidence at the site, the UKTN report says later.

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Details about the event or who was leading the team building exercise of walking over hot coals have yet to be confirmed.

However, Blick, a German-language Swiss media outlet, claimed the event was organized by an advertising marketing firm Goldbach. “In total, 150 people were present at the event,” said Iris Blattler, communications manager at Goldbach.

Walking on a bed with a coal is sometimes used as a motivational exercise in some classes. It is also used in some parts of the world as a rite of passage or test.

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A few years ago, 30 people were injured at an event hosted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins. The “Unleash the Power Within” event in Texas saw dozens of people attempt to walk on a bed of hot embers, but suffered burns to their feet and legs.



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