House of the Dragon’s Intimacy Coordinator Says She’s ‘Getting’ Sean Bean’s Comments


House of the DragonThe intimacy coordinator has said Emily Carey’s comments about feeling supported during sex scenes contradict Sean Bean’s controversial comments about her role.

*Spoilers for House of the Dragon below*

Carey was just 17 when she was cast as Lady Alicent Hightower on the… Game of Thrones prequel series and 18 when filming began. In one scene, Alicent is shown having sex with her husband Viserys Targaryen. The king is played by Paddy Considine, who is 30 years older than Carey.

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“It scared me because at that point I still hadn’t met Paddy … and all I saw was, you know, a 47-year-old man and I, I was a little concerned,” Carey said in a recent interview. interview, before adding that the “wonderful” intimacy coordinator allowed her to feel comfortable on set.

In a new interview with UKTNMiriam Lucia discussed Carey’s comments and how the actor “wouldn’t have known how to handle the shoot” without the presence of an intimacy coordinator.

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“It was good to hear that following Sean Bean’s comments about how intimacy coordinators are ruining spontaneity,” she said, citing recent comments in which the Game of Thrones star said he would feel “inhibited” by the presence of this third party while filming sex scenes.

“But I can see why he said that, because he doesn’t have the same experience with it, and because this is a new feature on sets,” Lucia reasoned. “People don’t really know what we’re doing. A question why we are there.

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“It can be weird for people who wonder if I’m checking if they’re following the rules of a closed set. But often my work has been done behind the scenes beforehand, talking to the director, the producer, the actors, even lawyers if necessary, in terms of waivers and things that need to be done.”

Emily Carey as Alicent Hightower in ‘House of the Dragon’


She continued: “If there’s a problem or a change, or something becomes physically uncomfortable or mentally uncomfortable, we shift it, but at that point the work is mostly done and hopefully it’s seamless. We have to be ready for the shooting date, but also know that there will be no nasty surprises.”

This week’s episode House of the Dragon is Carey’s last as Alicent, as the show will now feature a significant time jump, replacing her and Milly Alcock with Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke.

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House of the Dragon continues in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Mondays at 2am, before repeating at 9pm later that day.


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