How to fight dark spots: the best skincare tips for acne breakouts and oily skin


I can attest to the same cautious attitude as Katy. Everything my complexion knew when I started getting the rashes was painful, bumpy and angry red, and for many others those same flare-ups can be caused by increased stress levels (of which there are many. right now) and even weather changes.

At 26, I have lived my entire adult so far with imperfect skin. That’s not to say that I haven’t had good days, even months – carefree days in college and my immediate post-graduation life saw a clearer, even, and, dare- I say, radiant. But after I landed my first job, those same painful, raging red bumps started to reappear in everyday life again. I saw the pattern emerge: stress equals breakouts, in my case anyway, but how could I handle something so out of control?

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Desperate for clear skin, over the years I have tried everything from changing my diet (staying away from anything fried or dairy) to resorting to a fair share of cosmetic and skincare routines and prescribed topical acne treatments that have failed over the long term. enjoy. It’s only now, after seeing dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting before the lockdown, that I finally feel like I’ve got a grip on things.

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Contrary to what I’ve always believed, Sam says, “Acne isn’t complicated. You have a genetically predisposed person, hormones, and then we add skin care choices that may or may not help. Ultimately, a lot of what we do can take us away from the breaking point ”.

Having always had an obsession with beauty products, I was definitely guilty of throwing too many choices into my skincare mix. As such, Sam’s first recommendation was to completely cut my skin care regimen and effectively start from scratch. No more vitamin C serums, glycolic exfoliators and charcoal masks (Dr. Sam suggests ignoring some skin care trends that are of no use for a rash-prone skin type) , and instead a new, simplified four-step skin care protocol appeared.

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