How to spend a weekend in St Tropez


When should we go. . .

OThe chicken to go there rather depends on when you are free. If in the summer, expect to be packed like this. St Tropez, let us remember, is a village which, stripped of tourists, has just under 4,000 inhabitants. In July and August, it could welcome some six million visitors, with up to 30,000 people per day on Pampelonne’s main beach. In short, you will queue and pay. But that only underlines that you are in a summer hotspot that there is no more groovy place in Europe. If that’s your thing, Summer St Trop is your spot.

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If you want less hustle and bustle but still a bit of heat, and the chance to find most things open, then the months in between – May, June, September, October – are fine for you.

That said, my preference is in winter, when there are only locals, you need a coat, the bling palaces are closed and St Tropez becomes what it was at the start: a charming little Mediterranean port village.

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