How to use WhatsApp on laptop or PC without a phone: a step-by-step guide


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps for smartphones. It is a feature-rich application and receives regular updates. Now imagine that you can use WhatsApp without your phone.

The platform’s feature was released months ago and allows users to use WhatsApp without their smartphone.

People can use this platform on four paired devices at the same time, without having to have their phone online. This means that even if your phone is turned off, you can use WhatsApp on the laptop or desktop on the WhatsApp web version.

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Essentially, the features allow users to use WhatsApp on their computer, laptop, tablet or any other device without an active internet connection on the smartphone.

The first time you try to sign in to WhatsApp on another device, such as your laptop or PC, you need your smartphone. Once you have successfully logged in, you no longer need to use your phone to open WhatsApp on a PC or laptop

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Here are the steps to help you do this:

Step 1: Search WhatsApp Web in your browser if you don’t want to download the desktop version of the app.

Step 2: The screen will show the WhatsApp web link at the top, click it and a QR code will appear.

Step 3: Scan this QR code from your smartphone by opening WhatsApp > Settings menu > Paired devices > Pair device.

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Step 4: You will see “Scan QR code” at the top of your WhatsApp screen. So now all you need to do is place your phone on the laptop screen and scan the QR code.

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