Husband describes the gruesome fire at the Alhambra that killed his wife and seriously injured the rest of his family


    Husband describes the gruesome fire in the Alhambra that killed his wife

    Husband describes the gruesome fire in the Alhambra that killed his wife


    Heartbroken doesn’t come close to describing the pain and sadness Carlos Mendez feels.

    His world has been turned upside down since Friday Alhambra house set on fire, his wife and five children are locked inside. Mendez was able to escape through a window and went back inside for his family.

    Carlos Mendez sits in front of a vigil built for his wife. She died in a tragic fire that also hospitalized his five children.


    Mendez ran into the home’s restroom to find his two daughters and wife lying on the floor. He was able to grab their girls, but had to leave his wife behind. Neighbor Fahren James said Mendez never gave up.

    “He just kept trying to run back to that house and grab his family,” James said. “The most crushing thing is that you never believe you’ve done enough.”

    Paramedics rushed Mendez’s wife and children to the hospital shortly after the fire. Sadly, his beloved wife passed away last Saturday.

    “I couldn’t save my wife,” Mendez said. “That’s what really bothers me.”

    Neighbors lined the front of Mendez’s house with flowers and candles. James said the family’s house stood out because the Mendez family went all out on vacation.

    “I don’t speak Spanish, but you don’t have to understand the language to understand the pain and heartbreak that happens,” James said.

    As his kids recover in the hospital, Mendez said they’re asking for this mom, but he’s not ready to tell them she’s gone.

    “My wife sacrificed her life for her daughters,” Mendez said. “She was a hero because she ran through the ashes and smoke to get my daughters out and transfer them to me.”

    Two of his children have returned home. The three others remain in hospital, but show signs of improvement.


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