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If Emilia Clark joins the MCU’s “ secret invasion ”, is she Sue Storm or Spider-Woman?

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It’s always a great moment when a famous actor joins the MCU, and even more so when you don’t know who he’s playing yet. And Marvel’s next Secret Invasion series already contains a host of secrets as to who Oscar winner Olivia Coleman is playing alongside Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, and now, who would be the Game of Thrones actress. Emilia Clarke if she actually joined the cast, as Variety suggests.

The plot of the original Secret Invasion comic book was that a large number of shape-shifting Skrulls secretly invaded and replaced large numbers of superheroes on earth. While the series contains a large number of characters from all over the Marvel Universe, figuring out who Clarke might play led me to two main theories, Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, or Spider-Woman. Well, an alien princess in Spider-Woman disguise, at least.

So, there are a lot of key women in the storyline who are already MCU actors. Among these are:

Black Widow (although she’s dead if this storyline takes place in the current MCU), Elektra, Wasp, Jessica Jones, Kate Bishop, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Mockingbird. So if we rule them out, we’re not left with a lot of players. One is Emma Frost, who I got to see Clarke play, but then again, I don’t think the MCU is ready for the X-Men.

But there are two left, I think we can narrow it down to:

The Fantastic Four play an important role in the Secret Invasion storyline that their entire headquarters are transported to the Negative Zone, and one of Skrull’s most important replacements turns out to be Sue Storm. This could be a way to introduce the Fantastic Four ahead of their movie debut, and it’s easy to see how Clarke could be cast for Storm.

On the other hand, Clarke could also be Spider-Woman. Or rather, Princess Skrull Veranke, successor to the Skrull throne, who appears disguised as Spider-Woman. Veranke joins the New Avengers for a stint, but her story ends when she is shot and killed by Norman Osborn, of All People.

Veranke is one of the most important Skrull characters in the storyline, so I could see Clarke playing the alien princess. But if that is meant to be a superficial introduction to the Fantastic Four, I could also see Sue Storm. Or maybe there are other options I’m missing. My money, however, is on Veranke, even though she isn’t posing as Spider-Woman (a character the MCU has yet to introduce) and maybe she’s someone else to the square.

We don’t know when Secret Invasion is coming, but this casting makes me very curious about it for sure.

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