Illinois AG Warns of Scams Using Fake Websites to Target Bank Customers


CHICAGO (UKTN) — Illinois state officials warned Thursday of a new scam targeting bank customers.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul have warned against fake banking websites targeting consumers’ personal information.

The scammers make the websites look real while tricking customers into entering their details to create a bank account. IDFPR has taken note of at least two such scam sites.

“No one is immune to online scams, so it’s critical that people protect their personal and financial information from thieves,” Attorney General Raoul said in a press release. “Take a little extra time to confirm you’re doing business with a legitimate company, especially when sharing sensitive information such as opening a bank account.”

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“No one in Illinois should think they are using a tool to improve their financial position, only to find that they have compromised their personal information and their hard-earned money,” said Chasse Rehwinkel, IDFPR Director of Banking. in the edition. “As technology advances, threats to financial well-being also increase. We hope that consumers remain alert to such threats and that banks help us keep them informed.”

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If you are setting up a new bank account, it is advisable to visit us in person. If you can’t get to the bank, make sure to type the bank’s website – don’t type the bank’s name through a search engine.

You should also watch out for websites with spelling mistakes or sloppy grammar and poor design.

The Attorney General also advises reading reviews of unknown companies to spot scams and pay for online purchases with a credit card – generally limiting liability for fraudulent charges in a way that gift or gift cards are not. debit cards. Finally, caution should be exercised when entering personal information or downloading software.

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Banks that are aware of a deceptive website are advised to notify the IDFPR’s Division of Banking by emailing [email protected] Banks are also asked to consider posting a report of such scams on their official websites.



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