Imran Khan’s party uses old PM Modi clip to target Pak PM. Irony is…


PM Modi’s old video from 2019 has been shared by a PTI leader to criticize the current Pakistani government

New Delhi:

An old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech is trending across the border. Leaders of Imran Khan’s party, Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf, share a clip of Prime Minister Modi criticizing Shehbaz Sharif’s government over Pakistan’s financial crisis.

The video shows Prime Minister Modi’s speech at Barmer in Rajasthan during his campaign for the 2019 general election. “We destroyed Pakistan’s arrogance, forced them to go around the world with a begging bowl,” the prime minister says.

He also refers to Pakistan’s threats of nuclear strike, saying, “We are no longer afraid of Pakistan’s threats. If they have nuclear weapons, ours are hardly saved for Diwali.”

As Pakistan is going through an economic crisis, PTI supporters have started sharing the video clip to attack the Sharif-led government, even though the comments were made when Imran Khan was in power. Imran Khan was ousted last year after a vote of no confidence.

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The video has been shared by Azam Khan Swati, former Pakistani minister and senior leader of the Imran Khan-led party, among others.

In a tweet accompanying the video, he said shame on the Pakistani government and called for regime change. Many in the comments section have also criticized Pakistan’s military, saying it has led the country down.

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Journalist Naila Inayat was among those who pointed out the irony of PTI supporters who shared the clip. “The funniest thing is PTI is sharing this to tell the current government, see what Modi says about you. While the clip is from April 2019, when Imran Khan was in government,” she tweeted.

Earlier, PTI leader Imran Khan praised Prime Minister Modi as he targeted former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for corruption. “No other leader in the world except Nawaz has billions in property. Tell me about a country whose prime minister or leader has billions in property outside the country. Even in our neighboring country, how much property does Prime Minister Modi have outside India?” he had said at a public meeting in September.

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Pakistan, which is facing a massive economic crisis in which foreign exchange reserves are rapidly depleted, is in talks with the International Monetary Fund and has sought help from friendly countries.

Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif recently said it is a disgrace that a nuclear-powered country has to beg. He added that seeking foreign loans was not the right solution to address Pakistan’s economic challenges as loans would have to be repaid.

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