Inside the abandoned British Airways training facility with a full Boeing 747 simulator


British Airways’ former flagship training center has been left to rot, with full simulators left inside.

Cranebank Center was where around 17,000 cabin crew and 4,000 pilots learned to train before it closed in 2016.

It’s been replaced by the £10million British Airways Global Learning Academy, but it seems little from the old site has been repurposed for the new one.

Urban Explorers Hell on Earth managed to access the site earlier this month and found fully equipped training simulators still on site, along with manuals and floppy disks explaining how to fly an aircraft.

And in one section of the site, the cockpit and part of the passenger section of a Boeing 747 was found, looking like all it needed was a good cleaning before it was ready for use again.

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A huge British Airways plane was found inside the building

The site was easily accessible, but it was clarified by the group that security patrols once an hour.

They also came across classrooms covered in mold and moss, while a gold mine of old communications equipment was seen in one of the rooms.

Overall, the group came across at least three huge simulators, potentially worth millions of pounds, left to rot.

Parts of the site would have been used during the pandemic period for storage, but the future of the site remains unknown.

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In 2021, an airline insider told The Sun: “It’s a chilling scene inside the old BA training facility.

A whiteboard, with a full learning schedule, was seen inside
A whiteboard, with a full learning schedule, was seen inside

“It’s a sad and incredible sight that Cranebank was seemingly abandoned overnight.

“It could be a scene from a post-apocalyptic action movie; with the once bustling hub abandoned overnight.

“It’s a real shame that the simulators and other equipment weren’t donated to charity or museums.

“The millions of passengers passing through Heathrow in recent years would have no idea it is at the beating heart of the airport.”

The last comment British Airways made about the site was last year when he admitted it had not been used by the company for “several years”.

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British Airways branding has been seen adorning another flight simulator
British Airways branding has been seen adorning another flight simulator

On YouTube, a user remembers: “I went to this site twice in the late 90s.

“The offices had no expense spared on them and it’s criminal to see it like this.

“Gatwick had a much more epic cabin crew training facility with a Cathy Pacific 747, I think, in the hangar, that really intimidated me.”

And another user by the name of Nik Siever wrote: “Oh I trained here! Brings back lots of fun and anxiety-inducing memories.

“Very sad to see this place that has been part of so many of our (BA crew’s) personal stories for so long in this state. Good old Cranebank.

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