Intel Arc Graphics: Unleash a New Era of High Performance Discrete Graphics


For many users, Intel equates to years of extended trust and outstanding reliability, and the latest line of high-performance graphics cards builds on that. It’s likely that you’ve been using Intel integrated graphics for years, making it a sensible and easy choice to switch to more powerful Intel dedicated graphics. Intel has launched an exciting new product line for high-performance graphics for consumers: the Intel® Arc™ discrete graphics, built to enable premium gaming, creation and streaming experiences.

Intel® Arc graphics makes it all possible

All products with Intel Arc A-Series GPUs are built on Intel’s new Xe High Performance Graphics microarchitecture, or Xe HPG for short, which is designed from the ground up for gamers and creators. With built-in machine learning, graphics acceleration, and ray-tracing hardware, Intel® Arc™ graphics unite high-performance gaming, lifelike visuals, and rich content creation in mobile and desktop form factors. Now you can indulge, dive into immersive worlds, unleash your creativity and capture your imagination.

Intel® Arc™ graphics for gamers

Intel Xe Super Sampling Technology (XeSS) can take your gaming experience to the next level with AI-enhanced upscaling for more performance with high fidelity. XeSS is optimized for Intel® Arc™ graphics products with the ability to take advantage of XMX AI hardware acceleration. XeSS uses an AI-based algorithm and hardware acceleration to deliver ultra-high-definition visuals with lower-resolution display performance levels to enable immersive and powerful gaming for everyone.

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Intel® Arc™ graphics also come with DirectX* 12 Ultimate support to take gaming to a new level of realism with support for the latest graphics technologies, including ray tracing, variable speed shading, mesh shading and sampler feedback – the foundation for next-gen gaming.

Intel Arc Graphics for Creators

You can unleash your imagination and captivate audiences with the creation of rich digital content using a state-of-the-art media engine, enhanced with AI and accelerated by Intel® Deep Link technology. You can create compelling content powered by the industry’s first graphics card to support all of today’s leading media formats and keep yourself updated with the most advanced AV1 video encoding capabilities. Intel® Arc™ is the world’s first GPU with hardware-accelerated encoding for AV1, the next-gen and royalty-free video codecs. With AV1 support, you can create, stream, share and consume high-quality AV1 content, up to 8K resolution, with new levels of performance and efficiency.1

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Intel® Arc™ Graphics Card for Laptops
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Laptops equipped with Intel® Arc™ A-series graphics come with the world’s most advanced technologies1 to enable immersive gaming and powerful content creation in modern, portable designs.

From high-performance AAA gaming on Intel Arc 7 graphics to enhanced mainstream esports gaming on Intel Arc 3 graphics

Here are some of the best laptops with Intel® Arc™ graphics you can get your hands on right now!

Intel® Arc™ Graphics for Desktops

Intel® Arc™ graphics are also available as discrete discrete graphics and are perfect for DIYers looking for the ultimate gaming or creator machines packed with advanced features.

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Intel® Arc™ A380 desktop graphics card provides smooth, enhanced gaming performance to play the latest and popular games with up to 230 FPS performance2. What’s more, you can go beyond gaming and accelerate creation tasks with advanced media and platform capabilities that deliver up to 4.4 times faster hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding3.

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Intel® Arc™ graphics are now available for desktops!

Exciting times are upon us for gamers, creators and anyone looking for a powerful solution to power their computing experiences with the arrival of this range of amazing Intel® Arc™ graphics.

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1Select only SKUs. Based on the fact that Intel Arc graphics are the first on the market to support AV1 encoding (as of Q1 2022), while simultaneously supporting all other major codecs, inclusion of onboard AI accelerators, ray tracing cores, vector engines, as well as DirectX 12 Ultimate support.

2Performance will vary by usage, configuration, and other factors. Learn more at

3Measured on Wondershare Filmora with Intel Arc A380 Graphics compared to software encoding.

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