Jail and inpatient instruction for Lugano stabber



Verdict in the stabbing trial: “Absolutely unscrupulous and particularly perverse”

The Federal Criminal Court sentenced the Lugano stabber to nine years in prison and hospital treatment. The defense will not appeal the verdict.

In November 2020, a woman stabbed two women at the Manor in Lugano. Now she has been convicted by the Federal Criminal Court. (archive image)

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The Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona has sentenced the perpetrator of the knife attack in the Manor department store in November 2020 to nine years in prison and a fine of CHF 2,000 for attempted murder and violation of the IS/Al Qaeda law and illegal prostitution.

Before beginning her prison term, the perpetrator is admitted to a closed facility for the purpose of inpatient treatment because of her mental disorders. The verdict took into account the perpetrator’s reduced criminal responsibility and the risk of recidivism, which was attested by experts.

For the court, it was considered proven that the 29-year-old accused “acted with absolute unscrupulousness and for particularly perverse motives”. This was explained by the presiding federal criminal judge, Fiorenza Bergomi, in her oral verdict. She planned the act in detail and based on her religious beliefs, which went far beyond mere sympathy for IS.

Accused quoted from the Koran

Serious guilt has also been proven because the perpetrator showed no remorse whatsoever, either during the investigation or at the main hearing. In fact, the woman had even stated that she would do the deed again, “only better”. In other words, she regretted that the victims survived. The accused followed the opening of the verdict completely motionless. In her concluding remarks at the main hearing, she recited from the Koran in Italian and invoked God.

In this main hearing, the federal prosecutor’s office had demanded a prison sentence of 14 years and prior inpatient therapeutic measures. The defense tried to convince the court that the knife attack was solely the act of a mentally disturbed woman with no real connection to terrorist motives, a thesis that the court now clearly rejected. The defense had asked for a maximum sentence of eight years in prison and an acquittal on charges of violating IS/Al Qaeda law.

Defense happy with sentence

The woman, who lives in Ticino and described herself as a Muslim in court, attacked two women with a knife in Lugano in November 2020, citing the Islamic State. Before the crime, she had stolen a sharp bread knife from the household goods department of the Manor department store, which she used as a murder weapon. With this she stabbed two randomly selected women. Both were injured in the knife attack, a young woman with a cut on the neck even particularly badly. This appeared in the trial against the perpetrator as a private prosecutor. You were awarded compensation of 30,000 francs.

With the sentence of nine years, the Federal Criminal Court fell well short of the demands of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (BA). The latter stated that they had taken note of the verdict and would decide on how to proceed after the written justification had been presented. Specifically, it remains open for the time being whether an appeal will be lodged against the verdict. The defense will not appeal, as the two defenders told CH Media. They are satisfied with the sentence, which was only a year more than what they had asked for.


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