Jail and inpatient instruction for Lugano stabber


Judgment Knife Trial

Nine years in prison and hospitalization for Lugano stabber

Attempted murder and violation of the IS/Al Qaeda law: The Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona has convicted the perpetrator of the knife attack in the Manor in Lugano in November 2020.

In November 2020, a woman stabbed two women at the Manor in Lugano. Now she has been convicted by the Federal Criminal Court. (archive image)

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The court sentenced the woman to nine years in prison on Monday for two counts of attempted murder and violating IS/Al Qaeda law. Before she begins her prison term, the perpetrator is admitted to a closed facility for inpatient treatment because of her mental health problems.

The federal prosecutor had demanded a prison sentence of 14 years and prior inpatient therapeutic measures.
The defense tried to make it credible in court that the knife attack was solely the act of a mentally disturbed woman – a thesis that the Appeals Chamber clearly rejected. The defense wanted a maximum sentence of eight years in prison and an acquittal on charges of violating IS/Al Qaeda law.

Stabbed two women

The woman, who lives in Ticino, attacked two women with a knife in Lugano in November 2020 and fell on the
appointed Islamic State. Before the crime, she had stolen a sharp bread knife from the household goods department of the Manor department store, which she used as a murder weapon. With this she stabbed two randomly selected women.

Both were injured in the knife attack, one seriously. This appeared in the trial against the 29-year-old as a private plaintiff. She was awarded compensation of CHF 30,000.

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