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Jeff Jarrett on the origin of the term “Slap Nuts”, his relationship with Kurt Angle, his TNA goals, hard guitar hits | UKTN

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WWE Hall of Fame member Jeff Jarrett was interviewed this week by Chris Van Vliet. Scroll down for the full interview and read some of the highlights transcribed below:

Jeff Jarrett was asked where the term “slap nut” came from:

“My grandmother called people, ‘slappies’, and these are people who slap their gums. They know more and more about less and less every day. Meanwhile, the slap nuts have just rolled away. Good old Turner standards and practices, when they called me, in a Nitro, slap nut was really just the first take off. They said, “We have to ask you a question,” and they were very serious. They said, ‘What does slap nut mean? We looked in the urban dictionary and we can’t find it. I’m like, wow, this business has come a long way. People ask me where the slap nuts come from.

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“What do you do when you hit someone with your guitar to make sure they don’t get hurt?”

“Rock it as hard as you can, and it’s the truth. You got to rock it as hard as you can and that’s it, and this business is so seamless now. Same thing with a chair pulled behind the back. Rock it. When you start to stutter, your edges may come in. I don’t beat 1000, but not bad, but accidents happen. Ask Kurt. There was a time when I opened it two or three times in a row. It happens.”

“What were your goals when you joined TNA?

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“During TNA’s start-up years, I toured Australia and the UK a few times and saw the abundance of talent. You can’t have a number one without a number two. With the departure of WCW, not just a little away, but a game, a set, a game, there was no national promotion. The simple goal is to be a distant, distant fantastic number two who can be very successful. Notice, we are trying harder. They made millions and millions being number two behind Hertz. It’s a really simple story. McDonald’s has entered the scene. Guess what? Burger King entered the scene. They succeeded. It breeds success. It’s the industry. “

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“How is your personal relationship with Kurt now?”

“In my world, it’s family. It’s personal. But it goes without saying that in 2010 I spent more time in the ring with him. He spent Halloween here at my house. He has five children. It’s hard to imagine, but I have three organic ones. He has five biological, but Kyra and Kody are with me and Karen. It’s the family. Obviously, we all have ups and downs, ins and outs. “

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Jarrett has a new podcast called “My World” on AdFreeShows.com.

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