Jen Psaki blasts Republicans who want Biden to starve babies at final briefing


Jen Psaki hammered Republicans demanding that Biden starve babies on the border.


psack said:

Let me give you an idea of ​​the facts on this one. There is a colony of Flores that she may or may not be aware of, that requires adequate food and elsewhere specifies the age suitability of the formula for children under one year old. They are following the law that is in place and has been followed, by the way, by every past administration since 1997. It has been a law in the United States for a quarter of a century and has been followed. I would also like to note that we believe this is the morally right thing to do.

You know, what’s the difference with the last administration? It’s law number one, but we believe babies—or babies, should I say—cross the border with a family member, providing them with formula is morally right and we certainly support its implementation. .

Republicans have latched onto starving babies because it plays into both their racism and their fake border crisis. When Republicans talk about formula and the border, they really mean that formula should be taken away from brown babies and given to white babies.

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Democrats should make it clear that Republicans want to starve children. Along with claiming to be “pro-life” on abortion, Republicans want to starve babies if they get there without a choice.

Jen Psaki gave Democrats a powerful argument they should use when Republicans start talking about formula and the border.


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