Jesse Watters response to secret document searches: just destroy them


UKTN news

Rather than abide by the law and submit to a search for classified documents, UKTN News host Jesse Watters on Tuesday suggested that elected officials instead completely destroy all questionable documents to avoid any implication of trouble.

In a rare bipartisan moment, he even said that both President Joe Biden and now-former Vice President Mike Pence should have committed federal crimes to clear their names rather than willingly offer classified documents that they may have been falsely removed from the White House. had taken.

Watters began the day extremely disappointed by news that classified documents had been found at Pence’s Indiana home last week. “Pence, seriously, we’ve got a great thing with Joe [Biden]he lamented on the UKTN roundtable show The fiveprompting co-host Greg Gutfeld to complain that Pence “ruined it”.

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“Come on man!” exclaimed Watters in agreement. “And then he confessed.”

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A lawyer for Pence who found the documents immediately informed the National Archives, UKTN reported. Despite Pence saying in November that he was not taking home classified documents, the search was reportedly conducted on his behalf “out of an abundance of caution”.

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However, according to Watters, Pence had the option to simply get rid of the documents — which would have helped Republicans maintain the moral high over Biden.

“He could have just destroyed it. We would never have known,” he claimed.

However, the comments were similar to what he said after Biden’s home and the Washington, DC office of the think tank were searched.

In a Jan. 13 episode of Jesse Watters prime timenoted the eponymous host that “there’s blood in the water” because Biden allowed the search to happen.

“Joe should have used the Hillary tactic [and] just set fire to the box,” he advised.

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He reserved a different opinion for the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s home, baselessly claiming that the government agency had “probably” planted evidence in its successful search for classified documents – implying that he believed there was something in the was nothing for Trump to destroy in the first place. .

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