Jimmy Wang Yang was accidentally rehired by Vince McMahon after he ‘tried to have sex’


In an exclusive to UKTN.co, former WWE star Jimmy Wang Yang spoke to Steve Fall’s Ten Count.

Yang told the story about Vince McMahon forgetting he fired him:

“That’s the impression I got when he rehired me because this is a crazy story. I was just trying to have sex one night and there was a pay-per-view around and this girl was trying to get me tickets to get and do the whole thing. This is after I got fired. The chick was really horny. You know, they’re close, get great tickets and stuff, and when I showed up, you know, me and Vince crossed paths and he said, ‘Jimmy, where the hell have you been?’ I was like, ‘You fired me.’ He said, “What? I did.” It got busy. He said I’d come back and talk to you and then the day passed.”



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