Joe Biden calls protesters “idiots”



    US President Joe Biden calls protesters “idiots”

    During an appearance in the state of Illinois, the current US head of state did not choose nice words for demonstrators. That’s the background.

    Joe Biden performing in Joilet


    US President Joe Biden has found clear words for demonstrators who describe his policies as socialist. “Socialism. spare me What idiots, »said Biden on Saturday in the city of Joliet, Illinois.

    Biden was referring to protesters holding such signs outside the venue. The US President spoke in Joliet about health care and the cost of prescription drugs. Shortly before the important midterms on November 8, he attacked the Republicans and warned that they wanted to cut funds in the health sector.

    Right-wingers spread conspiracy theories

    A demonstrator’s sign read “Where is Nancy”, as journalists traveling with them reported. The sign is a reference to the violent attack on the husband of top Democrat Nancy Pelosi about a week ago. According to media reports, the attacker should “Where is Nancy called?” to have.

    White House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi.

    White House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi.


    Right-wingers have been spreading conspiracy theories about the attack on Paul Pelosi since the attack, claiming without any evidence that Pelosi’s husband knew the man. The police clearly speak of a burglary. The attacker had confessed to investigators that he wanted to take the US politician hostage and break her kneecaps. (dpa)


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