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Josh is the name, and they’ll fight you for it

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Josh Swain from Arizona was, of course, joshing. He has never really intended to fight anyone who shared his name, but what should he do? Every time Mr. Swain went to sign up for a social media account under his name, he was foiled. “It’s always been caught,” Mr. Swain said. What’s even more bizarre: “I’ve never met a Josh Swain.”

This left Mr Swain, a 22-year-old civil engineering student at the University of Arizona, with a deep sense of curiosity that naturally turned into a bit of mischief amid a serious case of Self-diagnosed “pandemic trouble”. So last year he found nine other Josh Swains and invited them to a panel discussion to settle the case.

“You are probably wondering why I have gathered you all here today,” he wrote one morning to a group of strangers. “Precisely, 04/24/2021, 12:00, go to these coordinates,” he ordered. “[W]The fight, whoever wins keeps the name, everyone has to change their name, you have a year to prepare, good luck.

Another Josh Swain replied, “Because we all share the same names…?”

Mr. Swain, the real one, took a screenshot of the post and posted it on Twitter on April 24, 2020 (reluctantly using his full name and AZ suffix). With that, he writes simply, “there can only be one.”

The post has been liked and shared over 85,000 times. Then something curious happened. Internet loved it. It has become a real source of humor in the midst of a very dark year of losses from a pandemic.

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Since the tweet was posted, Mr Swain’s friends have occasionally sent him messages saying they see people talking about his challenge as if it is a real event coming up. And why not? People were getting vaccinated. Pandemic restrictions were lifted. Even a harsh winter has given way to a brisk spring.

Someone even made a Cash To Fight website.

At one point, he decided to put the attention that the event was gaining to good effect. He created a fundraising page titled “Support Legal Fees to Help Josh Swains Change His Name *”

The *, he wrote, included a pledge that the money donated would not go to any Josh Swain, but rather to the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation, which operates facilities near the designated battlefield in Lincoln. , in New York. about the purpose of this page, he wrote a less funny and simpler pitch for hospital donation. The money started to flow.

Mr. Swain was starting to be convinced that someone else named Josh Swain might indeed show up. And he didn’t want to be the kind of Josh Swain who invited people to fight and didn’t show up. So, he bought a plane ticket about a month ago and flew to Lincoln, in the Neb on Friday. On Saturday, he went to the designated place: Air Park Green Area. He arrived at the park around 11 a.m. to determine the location. By noon the others had arrived.

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According to Mr Swain’s estimates, around 1,000 people turned out, all prepared for a good-humored adventure. About 950 were spectators and 50 people had the first name Josh. But only one of those Joshes was a Josh Swain – the name of the doppelgänger that Mr. Swain had initially decided to meet.

So on Saturday there was not one Josh Fight, but two.

The Josh Swain fought the other Josh Swain with rock, paper, scissors. The Josh Swain wore a gray T-shirt and dark jeans. The Other Josh Swain wore a black sleeveless jacket and metallic studs. It was a one-game, win-win fight. They tied the first round. And the second round. And the third. In the fourth round, the Josh Swain threw a stone, the other Josh Swain threw scissors. Winner: The Josh Swain!

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“Everyone broke,” recalls The Josh Swain. Graciously, he spared his rival the harshest of all punishments. “As the first decree as official Josh Swain, I think he shouldn’t have to change his name.”

But The Josh Swain wasn’t prepared for what was to come. The other Joshes had their own battle, with pool noodles, those long, colorful foam tubes that are almost impossible to hurt. The fighting game was intense.

The Josh Swain said he’s seen people crumble (humorously) in the midst of the chaos. Many, he said, were gunned down by a 4-year-old named “Little” Josh Vinson Jr., whom The Josh Swain declared the Josh Fight winner. Little Josh’s dad, Josh Sr. (no, seriously) told the Lincoln Journal Star his son suffered a series of seizures when he was around 2 years old and was treated at the children’s hospital for which he event raised funds.

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The Josh Swain said on twitter the story “makes me sob”. On Sunday evening, more than 230 people donated just over $ 11,000 to the foundation. Participants also brought over 100 pounds of food, which was donated to the Lincoln Food Bank, he said.

After all the Joshes fought, the hundreds of other spectators stepped into the action, happily beating each other up with colorful foam noodles.

Despite the hour-long battle (and bruised egos), Mr. Swain never imagined that this would really settle Josh’s supremacy once and for all. After all, neither his victories nor those of Little Josh have been officially recognized by other notable Joshes. Messages sent to publicists for Josh Brolin, the actor who played Thanos, the end-of-universe villain in the Marvel movies, and Josh Gad, the actor who starred in the “Book of Mormon” on Broadway and both “Frozen” and “Frozen II”, were not returned Sunday night.

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Still, The Josh Swain said he now thinks of his name differently.

“I am a Josh, he thought to himself. “After that, no no no. I am a Josh. I’m not just Josh. We are all proud to be this nickname. And proud to represent him. Now that means something.

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