Kate Bush thanks the Duffer brothers from the bottom of her heart after the success of the song Stranger Things


stranger things took Kate Bushmusic to new (screaming) heights.

Creators Mast and Ross Duffer featured his 1985 song “Running Up That Hill” in Stranger Things 4: Volume 1, sending the single to the top of the US and UK charts. And now Bush thanks the brothers, not just for the renewed attention, but for emphasizing the importance of mental health.

“In this latest series, the characters face many of the same challenges that exist in reality right now,” she wrote on her blog on June 20. “I believe the Duffer Brothers touched people’s hearts in a special way, at an incredibly difficult time for everyone, especially the younger ones.”

Bush continued, “By casting ‘Running Up That Hill’ in such a positive light, like a talisman for Max [Sadie Sink] (one of the main female characters) – the song was brought into the emotional arena of its story. Fear, conflict and the power of love are all around her and her friends.”

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Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 First Look Photos

Kate then applauded the brothers for their “courage” and took the Netflix series to “a much more adult and darker place”.

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“I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love and support the song is getting and it’s all happening really fast, like it’s being driven by some kind of elemental force. I have to admit, it all really gets to me,” said she declared. reflected. “Thank you so much for making the song a No. 1 in such an unexpected way.”

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“Running Up That Hill” is the lead single from Bush’s album love dogs. In the 80s it peaked at No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart and 30 on Billboard‘s Hot 100. But now it sits at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart, with Bush setting the record for the longest gap ever between No. 1 singles, according to Billboard. Her last No. 1 song was “Wuthering Heights” in 1978, which has topped the charts for 44 years.

Sadie Sink, Stranger Things


While the Duffer Brothers eventually approved the inclusion of Bush’s song, the show’s music supervisor, Nora Felder, deserves some credit for suggesting it. As a longtime Bush fan, Felder knew the song would fit well, telling Variety, “It immediately struck me with its deep chords of possible connection to Max’s emotional struggles and took on more significance as Bush’s song marinated in my consciousness.”

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Felder added in a separate interview with Billboard, “On a broader level, I’m also grateful for all the positive responses to the music, which of course owes a substantial debt to the Duffer brothers and the tremendous work they’ve done with season four.”

Second part of stranger things season four will premiere July 1 on Netflix.

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