Katy Perry throwing pizza slices at her fans will make you cry


One of our biggest living pop stars, Katy Perry, has been making the internet laugh and gag in recent days following a video that surfaced of the singer throwing pizza into a crowd at a Las Vegas nightclub.

The 12-second clip, which now has 6.7 million views on Twitter and a answer from Perry, shows the 37-year-old putting a giant slice of pizza on a paper plate and throwing it to a group of fans from a DJ booth. Cut to the people closest to the booth and try to grab the slice and accidentally knock it on the floor. Then Perry, unconcerned to EDM music, tosses another slice without a plate further into the crowd like a Frisbee. It is unclear whether it was captured and/or consumed.

Meanwhile, the person recording the video — or someone close to it — may say “ayyyeee!” hear say. as if the “Teenage Dream” singer is making it rain on the crowd and not getting grease and marinara sauce on the tank tops of random clubbers.

It’s safe to say that this video has brought me immense joy for the past 24 hours and left my brain racking at the same time. How many slices of pizza did Perry throw into the crowd in total? What temperature was the pizza at? Did anyone actually eat the pizza? Was this a mindless, drunken gesture by Perry or does she think it would work logistically to throw an extremely messy food into a crowd of people who probably aren’t sober? Does she realize how gross it is to throw loose food at people in a public setting?

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The actual pizza throwing isn’t the only thing that’s hilarious and bizarre about the clip, though still images of a loose slice flying through the air made me laugh. The satisfaction on Perry’s face after she smashes the first piece and returns to the pizza box to get a second one, seemingly believing that what she’s just done is right and good is priceless. She also hobbles around next to this random DJ like a contented kid who just got an ice cream cone.

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I also love that this video looks like it could have been shot in 2010 at Perry’s Teenage dream era based on her bubblegum pink clothes and signature dark brown hair. I’d like to think the pop singer would make the same ill-advised decision to throw food into a crowd, both in her mid-20s and approaching her 40s.

I’d like to think the pop singer would make the same ill-advised decision to throw food into a crowd, both in her mid-20s and approaching her 40s.

At a time when two competing viruses are ravaging our world, the sight of a celebrity showing up maskless in a crowded club and engaging in such gross, unsanitary business should make me want to stare disdainfully at my phone and yell, “Eat the rich !” But instead, I’m reminded of Perry’s value in our pop culture ecosystem.

In case you haven’t noticed, famous people are pretty boring these days. They either try way too hard to seem recognizable, or they manage their images in such a way that their entire existence is a brand. Perry, despite being a traditionally crafted and commercial pop star, has never been one of those people. From wearing a hamburger costume to the Met Gala and judging american idol Dressed up as a giant roll of toilet paper to spar with older nuns about real estate to her latest stunt, this woman has the natural trolling abilities of three Doja Cats. Whether or not the audience digs her new tunes, she should always be recognized as an extremely funny and odd personality.

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I’d also be remiss, too, not to mention the delights of Perry currently receiving good PR, as her former foe Taylor Swift is forced to leave her private jet with an umbrella over her head after feeling ashamed of her massive carbon footprint this weekend.

Being a KatyCat in the year 2022 is usually a job with no pay. But I’m happy to wear my badge at times like this.



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