Keith Lee shows off a different look, white hair and a beard


Keith Lee took to Twitter to show off his white (gray) hair and it looks good on him.

The former WWE star noted that his hair started to turn white when he was 16 and he likes it and wishes it was all white.

Lee tweeted:

“Here’s a fun fact about me. I started to have white hair when I was 16! Personally, I like it. I wish it was all white. Sadly, many don’t understand the science and associate it * only * with age haha. Happy Thanksgiving humans. Be grateful for the things you have.

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Maybe Lee will go with this look when he comes back to the ring because it looks good on him. Lee was part of recent WWE budget cuts and his fiancee Mia Yim was also cut.

Lee recently noted that he would not be wearing the jersey (it was WWE’s idea to wear it) and the nickname “Bearcat” was also WWE’s idea, so it looks like fans might like to think about it. ‘Expect to see Lee’s NXT / PWG version once his WWE non-competition expires.


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