KeNHA sets UKTN for Mombasa Road, Waiyaki Way repairs


The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) has cleared the way forward on Mombasa State Road and Waiyaki Way following the construction of the Nairobi Expressway after concerns were raised about its dire condition.

Speaking exclusively, Samwel Kumba, deputy director of corporate communications at KeNHA, set a December 31, 2022 UKTN for all repairs to both roads.

Referring to this, he confirmed that the contract between the government and the Moja Expressway company, the company charged with managing the expressway, stipulated that it would cover all damage to the lower roads at its own expense.

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Section of Nairobi Expressway along Mombasa Road.


State house

He added that the Authority would put pressure on Moja Expressway to speed up repairs.

“The sections of the Mombasa road have been directly damaged by the construction of the highway. As per the contractual obligations, they are charged with repairing the damage.”

“We have given them until the end of the year to complete the repairs. This means that along the highway, any section damaged on the Moja highway will be repaired by them at their own expense,” he confirmed.

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In addition, KeNHA’s deputy director pointed out that other damages caused by the relocation of roadside services to clear the way for the highway had to be compensated by the respective government agencies.

“These services included the relocation of fiber optics, power lines and water pipes, to name a few. The process of relocation involved excavation, hence the damage was done by government agencies.

“Therefore, we cannot force them (Moja highway) to make such repairs. That kind of damage can only be repaired by the respective government agencies,” he stressed.

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Kumba confirmed that KeNHA will also work with the December 31, 2022 UKTN to ensure all repairs have been made.

“This includes figuring out drainage systems, walkways and walkways, but we are working on a tight budget.

“At the moment there are ongoing discussions with the Department of Transport and stakeholders to see how we can lobby for more funds, but the UKTN remains the same,” he noted.

A Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) sign on a highway.

A Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) sign on a highway.




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