KFC restaurant employees are now eligible for full tuition at Western Governors University


The KFC Foundation has announced that it is partnering with Western Governors University (WGU), one of the country’s leading online universities, to offer KFC restaurant employees full tuition fees for attending WGU to earn their college degrees.

The new partnership will allow KFC restaurant employees to choose from more than 60 different bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certification programs offered by WGU in the fields of business, information technology, education and healthcare.

The new program is non-competitive, so any eligible employee who applies and enrolls can receive tuition. KFC restaurant employees will have access to the new training program from their first day on the job. Because WGU, which specializes in competency-based education, offers rolling start dates each month, restaurant associates can enroll in WGU’s online courses as soon as they’re ready.

“Each year we look for new ways to support and improve the lives of KFC restaurant employees,” said Emma Horn, Executive Director of the KFC Foundation. “What better opportunity to provide team members with a flexible college program from Western Governors University that fits seamlessly into their schedule. The program at WGU is perfect for someone who may not have enough hours in a day to balance a traditional college experience with a full-time or part-time job and other life priorities.

To be eligible for KFC Foundation programs, employees must be in good standing at a KFC restaurant participating in the KFC Foundation’s annual franchise donation program. And they must keep their jobs to remain eligible for the programs.

The KFC Foundation’s various charitable programs are funded through various initiatives, such as the Round-Up Donations at the Registry and the Annual Franchise Donation Program, where a portion of every box of KFC “Secret Recipe Fries” sold at participating restaurants is donated to the KFC Foundation goes. .

“Talent is in every individual, but the keys to unlocking it can vary from person to person,” said Scott Pulsipher, president of Western Governors University. “Tens of thousands of KFC restaurant employees across the country can now further improve their lives, and the lives of their families and communities, by accessing and completing educational programs that are relevant and personalized. I am grateful that the KFC Foundation has entrusted WGU as its education partner to expand opportunities for KFC employees.”

While the funding mechanism and approach of education providers are different from many other company-provided programs for colleges, the KFC Foundation-WGU partnership joins an ever-growing list of major companies offering generous training opportunities to hourly and salaried workers. Such programs also see an increase in the percentage of employees participating.

The expansion of “free college” benefits for employees comes at the same time as several major employers are dropping the college degree requirement for certain entry-level positions. It’s an interesting strategy for dealing with labor market pressures – lower educational requirements for jobs, but then use educational benefits as an incentive to retain workers.

The new WGU tuition program is in addition to the provision of scholarships from the KFC Foundation worth a whopping $20,000 for eligible restaurant employees to attend the two- or four-year college, trade school or graduate school of their choice.

More information about the program can be found at Kfcfoundation.org/wgu.



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