Konami stirs up ‘Silent Hill’ rumors with ‘coming’ tweet


The rumors are fierce and persistent. The hints and teases are mouthwatering. A new silent Hill is the game in preparation? Is Hideo Kojima involved? Who is this mysterious developer Blue Box Studios and what are they like – and their game Abandoned-related to Konami and / or Kojima and / or Sony?

I dig deeper into these questions in my article on Abandoned and the many ways in which it may – or may not be – a facade for a new Silent hills game of Solid metal gear creator, and TP brain, Hideo Kojima.

Now the mystery thickens (where does he do it???) as Konami enters the fray (sort of) with the following cryptic tweet:

“COMING SOON …” the tweet read. It features the Red Pyramid Thing, a classic horror franchise monster. It looks scary.

This is also the official Konami store Twitter page, not Konami itself. And Konami has largely given up on video games, or at least its role as a leading Japanese video game developer and publisher.

So it is possible that it has nothing to do with the Abandoned mystery game, or Hideo Kojima’s subtle allusions to a new Silent hills. Or it could. Who knows?

Rabbit holes! Rabbit holes and red flags! Everywhere you look!



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