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Senator Magnus Abe disagreed with an alleged comment by Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi that the 2023 governor of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State has been zoned to riparian areas.

Abe, who addressed his supporters in Port Harcourt, said he was happy when the head of the APC in the state in one of his duties said there would be no d imposition of candidates but that he was worried when he allegedly turned around in a function in the Ogu Bolo region which he asked Riverine People to appoint a governor before the general elections of 2023.

He urged his supporters to take Amaechi’s comment as personal opinion, warning that while the party continues in the same way it was before the 2019 general election, the unfortunate incident that occurred against APC in the state could repeat itself.

“You made a statement in the history of Nigerian politics that no one can easily erase. Did the last move they made work? It did not work because you said that the problems within the party had to be resolved. No one can deny the sacrifices we all made to bring CPA into being in Rivers State.

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“After the Supreme Court judgment, we issued a statement. The statement was bastardized all over social media, people came out to say all kinds of things, they said I said I had given up on politics, that I was retired, I won’t have any related to Rivers State policy. It is not possible? No one can do it in Rivers State because politics is about people.

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“I expected other party leaders to follow suit in a way that would open a window of opportunity, peace and reconciliation in the party. I did not hear this, but I kept my peace and I continued to insist that there must be peace for this party to advance. A few days later, I started to hear very, very positive comments from the Minister of Transport (Amaechi). When he visited Gokana, he said that there would be no taxation in the party and that party members would be allowed to choose a candidate for themselves.

“This noise continued for a few days, but a few days ago I saw a video clip of the same man in Ogu-Bolo announcing that they should go and prepare for a Riverine Governor and that the governorship has been zoned in Ogu-Bolo. , Andoni, Opobo-Nkoro, Asari Toru, Akuku Toru, Degema and I said: is this a sign of change? It’s not. Let me say here, loud and clear, that what the minister expressed in Ogu-Bolo is his personal opinion, he does not speak for all of us in the APC. When you want to zoning, there has to be a process, there has to be consultation, the people who are zoned have to understand why they are zoned and the people who are zoned have to understand why they are zoned.

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“If you stay up and put on a microphone and start zoning out for zoning and zoning into a zone, everyone knows what you’re doing and I want to stand here and say it won’t work.” If this was an attempt to pit the riparian people against the rest of the state, I want to say here that the riparians I know are smarter than those who try to use them. It is a poisoned chalice, it is a Greek gift, it will not bring you anything because it is not well intentioned and it is not well intentioned.

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“The former governor of Rivers State, the Honorable Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, does not have this power with respect to Rivers State. I want to say emphatically that the Right Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi was my boss and I respect him and have always respected him but I was not his staff and I am not his employee, we were both employees of the Rivers State government.

“How can anyone stand up in a party where we have to register, we haven’t even concluded the recording, we haven’t chosen a neighborhood president, we haven’t chosen an ex-neighborhood official, we didn’t choose a local government president, we didn’t elect the party president in the state and before we even did anything someone came to the post of zone governor in the party. Is this a sensible political action?

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“It’s time for you to put aside this anger, put aside this embarrassment, go back, go back to our various quarters and units and start the important process of rebuilding this party, don’t worry. of what they are doing, ignore completely because any politician can distinguish between serious politics and running the grandiose game. Dominance and management of the game will get us nowhere.

“These issues need to be addressed within this party, and there would be consequences if they are not addressed, don’t let anything out of step with you, don’t be afraid, be purposeful, be firm, you understand and stay engaged, the justice finished.

“I say this boldly that this battle is for justice in the CPA in Rivers State and that no amount of lies, no amount of propaganda, no amount of intimidation, no amount of power will make us give up. our battle for justice and fairness. within that party, ”said Abe.

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