L Saha unveils their new SS23 collection, a tribute to the five elements


London Fashion Week for the Spring-Summer 2023 season has begun, well, many brands have chosen to cancel or postpone their shows out of respect for Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Keep calm and carry on as the British like to say is more than a specialty, it’s a species, a way of life. And that is what Laboni Saha has done. She continued with her L Saha brand’s SS22 show at the Baglioni Hotel London, which coasts Hyde Park and gives phenomenal views of Kensington Gardens.

Themed ‘sɛrəf’, the collection is colorfully colored with warm earth tones. “The color palette is influenced by the five elements I saw as a child in the cartoon ‘Captain Planet’: earth, fire, wind, water and heart (I call this love). Although the emphasis is more on the element Earth and Space (Ether). We want to embody the message of being grounded while remaining receptive to higher forces. The idea of ​​being rooted in the truth as we build our wings,” says Saha.

Known for her signature weave, these elements can be found throughout where Saha has sought to hone beauty, grace, humility and innocence in the collection, all strands of the human race. “The inspiration behind the collection began with the concept of human consciousness transcending the five basic senses. Aspects of intuition, instinct and even innocence are all very subdued in our current generation, due to constant and extreme exposure to outside influences, through news, internet, social media.” This weaving technique was done in the L Saha workshop in London, where natural fibers and fabrics are made in an environmentally friendly way.

A golden pencil skirt is combined with a peach colored woven halter top. Mini dresses like the white ones with a red vertical line from neck to hem, with a black collar gives an edge. The L Saha Galaxy print mini dress gives a nod to the bigger world we live in, while the peach short dress can be work and evening wear. The brand has created an evening dress, precisely tailored with a bird pattern, for the feminine shape. While another pencil skirt creation, a rust brown color, paired with a cream mesh top, features the rust brown color around the upper part of the neckline.

“As I further explored human consciousness, the concept became clear that pre-civilization humans survived many disasters and evolved into who we are today because of underlying instincts and intuition beyond the five senses. This also meant that closer to our roots (nature and natural life) can powerfully help us get in touch with the powers we have within us. The collection eventually evolved to be directly influenced by ‘a journey – going back to our roots’ or ‘a return to innocence’, figuratively speaking,” explains Saha.

Very simply, sɛrəf speaks to the power that every human being possesses, the power of the mind and the superconscious. “I feel that we are at a point in time where many aspects of our lives, societies and countries have reached saturation point. There is a need for reform, there is an urgent need to move away from the past (and for lack of a better word) “destructive” ways that exist in many industries (including fashion). The message we want to convey with this collection is to pause and reconsider our individual truths (without undue influence from outside). To find ways to be authentic. Once we start to be our true selves, the world around us will slowly but surely begin to heal,” says Saha.

This is a feminine yet smart collection, fun yet meaningful SS22 collection from one of Britain’s best fashion designers.

While London Fashion Week, or LFW as it’s called, tiptoes around a nation in mourning, fashion-goers can expect to see Burberry’s SS23 collection on September 26.e, the first day of Paris Fashion Week. At least there’s the Eurostar train that will take fashion show viewers firmly from Burberry to Dior that day. And JW Anderson also keeps calm and continues this week with a very small and more intimate reveal of their new collection.



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