Lando Norris’ new ‘Rocket League’ team is already shaking up the professional circuit


Lando Norris is no stranger to gaming. When he’s not racing in Formula 1 with McLaren, the 22-year-old racing prodigy streams video games on his Twitch channel to thousands of viewers, often alongside fellow drivers Charles Leclerc and George Russell.

In late 2020, Norris founded Quadrant, an esports organization that combines the “driver’s love of gaming, lifestyle, content and apparel”. Previously, the organization only set up professional teams Halo and Dutybut starting this week, Quadrant will compete in the Rocket League Championship Series.

The brand new quadrant Rocket League The team consists of Kash, RelatingWave and Eesko, three promising British talents who started the 2022-23 RLCS season under the team name “Goldbridge Ball”.

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No one knew exactly what to expect from Quadrant’s first tournament. Every member of the squad has had inconsistent but impressive results in previous competitions, and teaming up so close to the start of the season gave players little time to build crucial chemistry in the game.

However, the Quadrant team has immediately proven itself on the professional Rocket League circuit in the European Fall Open, the first major European regional tournament of the season.

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Despite narrowly dodging elimination from the Swiss stage of the tournament to quality for the playoffs, Quadrant has the Rocket League talk the world by defeating the 2021-2022 RLCS World Champions, Team BDS, in the quarter-finals. The series was as tight as they come, with five of the seven games decided by a single goal.

In the end, Quadrant scored a desperate but crucial goal nearly four minutes into extra time to defeat Team BDS and win their ticket to Championship Sunday. Team BDS dominated both European and World tournaments last season, making Quadrant’s upset one of the most surprising in recent memory. Only time will tell if this win is due to an off-day of the world champions, or if the new squad are really title contenders.

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Quadrant will take on Oxygen Esports in the semifinals of the European Fall Open on Sunday, October 16, which you can watch live on



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