Latest Rishi Sunak: More money will help the NHS ‘get on with the job’ says PM


Increased immigration should be used to “close the gap” in the UK workforce as companies struggle to fill vacancies, says Tony Danker, the director of the Confederation of British Industry.

He told the UKTN Radio 4 Today programme: “When it comes to immigration it’s very interesting, if you look at Thursday’s OBR report they said the only thing that has really moved the needle on growth is through what allow more immigration.

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“The reason it’s so important is that we literally have over a million job openings in this country, we have 600,000 people who are now on long-term disability, who won’t be returning to the job market any time soon.

“That’s why we need to have this list of shortage occupations – the list of people we’re really missing and who we’re not going to get into Britain anytime soon – and we need to make sure they close the gap as we work again.” calibrate the labor market in the medium term.

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“I’m afraid it’s one of those levers that helps you grow. It doesn’t cost money, but I recognize it’s a tough political choice for conservative politicians.”

He made the remarks ahead of a CBI conference that kicks off this morning.



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