Latest travel news: Holiday vaccine passports needed for Spain from June


HBritish holidaymakers will need a vaccination passport to travel to Spain this summer, the country’s tourism minister said.

Fernando Valdes Verelst told a tourism conference in Mexico that Spain would be ready to welcome tourists again using the EU’s ‘digital certificate’ from June, with a pilot program starting the month next.

“Spain will be ready in June to tell all travelers around the world that you can visit us,” he said.

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However, UK travel agencies are frustrated that the UK government has not confirmed more details on the resumption of international travel or how vaccine passports will work for Britons.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Wednesday morning that the UK would use its Test and Trace app as a vaccine passport, but it is not clear how that would fit into the EU’s agenda.

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Holiday airline Jet2, which has canceled all flights until June 24, said it was “disappointed with the lack of clarity” announced so far. She said her customers were booking “closer to departure” because of the uncertainty.

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