Lauren Boebert reveals details of bathroom feud with Marjorie Taylor Greene


Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has confirmed some details of a reported altercation with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) in the women’s bathroom of Congress.

Earlier this week, the Daily Beast reported that on Jan. 3, the first day of Congress this year, the two far-right legislators got into a shouting match in the Speakers’ Lobby women’s room just off the House floor, citing multiple sources. According to the report, Greene left a booth and confronted Boebert for accepting Kevin McCarthy’s support during her re-election campaign but refusing to vote for him in the election for Speaker of Parliament. Boebert told her, “Don’t be ugly,” and “ran away like a little schoolgirl,” a source told the Daily Beast.

None of the women wanted to comment on the report to the Daily Beast.

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However, during an interview on the conservative radio show “The Dana Show”, a clip of which was posted online On Wednesday, Boebert voluntarily gave some details about the exchange.

“So I actually kind of like that story came out because of the way I was quoted,” Boebert said. “So yeah, we’re talking in the ladies’ room of Congress. i’m there with [Rep.] Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.). And you know, people are upset about what’s going on in the speaker race. It was a few days ago, we didn’t pick Kevin McCarthy and we hadn’t gotten the concessions we wanted.

She said Greene approached her and “started being a little mean about it.”

“Nobody else had been mean about it. Everyone had been very professional,” she added. “And so when she started going after me, I looked at her and said, ‘Don’t be ugly.'”

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Host Dana Loesch jumped in, noting that the women had once been allies. “You guys were kind of BFFs there for a while, weren’t you?” she asked.

Boebert seemed to dispel that idea.

“There was nothing against her. We travel in the same circles, have the same policy views on a lot of things — not everything — but a lot of things,” she said. “But yes, I looked at her and said, ‘I don’t have time for this, so don’t be ugly.’ And that’s something my grandma used to say to me when I was a brat.

I quote the line online Wednesday, Boebert tweeted: “Be nice. Don’t be ugly,” which caused confusion among Twitter users who commented that the platitude seemed the opposite of her MO.

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Temperatures have risen between Greene and Boebert in recent weeks, and it’s not the first time tensions have boiled over in public. Last month, Greene criticized Boebert on Twitter for refusing to support McCarthy’s speakership, accusing her of “high school drama” and noting that she had just won re-election by a hair’s breadth. Boebert, for her part, has mocked Greene on several occasions for espousing absurd conspiracy theories about Jewish space lasers.

Breaking away from a bloc of her usual far-right allies, Greene fervently supported McCarthy’s leadership bid, effectively guaranteeing her return to committee assignments after being stripped of them in 2021 for hate speech.



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