Leftist elites have a new waking weapon aimed at your family


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Have you heard about this thing called ESG? Most people don’t have that. It stands for Environmental Social Governance. On the face of it, ESG claims to have a well-intentioned purpose: to promote corporate social responsibility. And that sounds like something we can all get behind.

But beneath the surface, lurking in the ambiguous language and claims of social compassion, is something else entirely. In reality, ESG policies are a back door that progressives use to penetrate our economy so they can advance their radical economic, social and climate agenda.

They know they can no longer get their destructive ideas through our democratic process. And they can’t count on winning in the Courts.

So ESG infiltrates corporate America with the help of unelected bureaucrats and regulators – like a shadow government that is not accountable to ordinary investors.

Taking advantage of Wall Street boardrooms, ESG is being used to attack our energy independence, our small businesses and our family farms. They want clean coal mining in West Virginia, ban oil drilling in Texas. They even want to ban wheat farming in Kansas and cattle ranching in Nebraska.

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They even use ESG to push through radical initiatives to mandate abortions on demand and to abolish our Second Amendment rights. All of this poses a direct threat to hard-working American families.

How exactly does ESG work? Well, it’s complicated. You will not find a clear definition of ESG on the internet. The method of implementing ESG in our society is hidden. And that is on purpose. They don’t want you to know what they’re doing.

By misleading their investors with claims about clean air and water, diversity and equity, health care rights and social justice, ESG is actually forcing companies into divisive policies, including a dangerous green agenda with misleading climate change policies and racially divisive practices such as white privilege training, it will only cripple our economy and divide the land we love.

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If left unchecked, ESG policies will continue to manipulate the entire financial industry so they can channel your savings into what they consider politically “acceptable” investments.

Using the ESG agenda, large investment firms are leveraging their massive investment portfolios and your retirement money to force companies across the United States to implement the ESG agenda in their business practices. They will violate their fiduciary responsibility to you, the customer, and fail to maximize your investment savings.

They target our small businesses that employ millions of Americans – the same businesses that impact our communities down to the grassroots level. Perhaps you or someone in your family even works for a company that is currently plagued by the ESG agenda.

And the company that manages your retirement savings may be using your investment dollars right now to support divisive activism instead of building your retirement savings to the fullest. Simply put, ESG policies are using your investment dollars to transform America into a nation we won’t even recognize before long – if we let the people watch and let it.

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The United States is the greatest nation ever founded by freedom-loving people.

We are the most economically prosperous nation on earth because of our entrepreneurial spirit. And we have abundant natural resources that have fueled our growth.

America is the most open and hospitable country in the world. The United States is stronger because of the true diversity of our communities.

But that’s all in jeopardy. Everything that makes our nation the greatest in history is threatened by an agenda that would dismantle life as we know it.

But there is something we can do to stop this and preserve this nation we love for another generation.

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