Level 3 heat wave alert to UK hospitals as 34C scorcher chokes the country


Hospitals across the UK were placed on high alert today as forecast temperatures of 34C are set to swelter the country with likely disruption

And the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has now issued a Level 3 health alert for London, East England and the South East is in place to help protect health services.

Speaking to UKTN Breakfast, Agostinho Sousa stressed that the alert was intended to help protect the NHS, adding: “The level 3 alert is operational and called ‘heatwave action’.

“This is to inform our partners that they need to prepare their services for possible increases in demand due to rising temperatures.

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“We also have a Tier 2 which is currently active in the South West and East of England which involves advising our partners to have their services ready in case they need to come into action in case we see an increase in temperatures.

“At the moment the situation is stable and we expect temperatures to drop tomorrow.”

Temperatures could reach 34°C today

The warning comes as temperatures in the UK are expected to be warmer than in the Maldives in many parts of the UK today on a third consecutive hottest day of the year.

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A dangerously high 34C is forecast for London and East Anglia and the extreme conditions have even persuaded Royal Ascot to abandon tradition and allow male racing fans to take off their jackets, hats and ties for only the second time in the season. story of the meeting.

Britain will be suffocated by the heatwave

There is also speculation as to whether today could even see the highest temperature on record for the UK for a day in June.

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Kew Gardens and Heathrow hit 29.3C yesterday, which saw the mercury slightly higher than the 28.3C recorded at Northolt on Wednesday.

A high of 26.1C was also recorded in Cardiff, but Scotland and Northern Ireland were decidedly cooler, with Edinburgh reaching 21.4C and Derrylin 20.6C.

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