Live-Action ‘System Shock’ brings SHODAN to the small screen


Ahead of its 2022 launch,, the upcoming “Netflix for Game Shows,” revealed what could be its most exciting original series yet: a live-action small-screen adaptation of the masterpiece. on PC System shock.

Following announcements that it will adapt the original PlayStation classic Driver, and create a show for the top ten Twitch streamers El Rubius, has secured the TV rights to Nightdive Studios’ first-person action-adventure franchise, bringing one of the scariest and most cult games ever. most revolutionary to its entertainment platform.

Beginning in 1994, System shock is widely recognized as a key influencer for blockbusters like Deus Ex, BioShock, and the modern survival horror genre in its entirety.

System shock placed you, an anonymous hacker, on the Citadel space station in 2072. Six months after stealing an experimental virus in exchange for a neural implant, you woke up from a coma only to find yourself surrounded by monstrous mutants, murderous machines, and the malicious, megalomaniac AI, SHODAN: one of the greatest antagonists in video game history.

The small-screen adaptation of, which will focus primarily on the events surrounding the original System shock with “Elements of the Sequel Dotted”, will be produced by Binge Content Manager Allan Ungar, with Nightdive’s Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman joining the project as executive producers.

Ungar and his team aren’t hiding System shock being one of their most beloved games. Speaking exclusively on the series, he explains, “It’s been on our list since day one, and it was a big moment for us when we put pen to paper on the case.

“Our goal has always been to find titles that are not only well suited to adaptation, but which hold a special place in the hearts of players. System shock is a flagship title and one that has truly broken new ground for the industry and for gamers around the world.

“Prepare for SHODAN.”

Kick, CEO and founder of Nightdive, said he was excited to see Binge bring System shock to life in a horribly real and new way, adding, “I’ve always believed that a live-action adaptation of System shock would be the perfect way to tell the poignant tale of Citadel Station and its dishonest AI, which subjects the crew to unimaginable horror.

Those who played either System shock or his incredible sequel will know it’s a bloody, gruesome affair – and Ungar has confirmed that Binge’s live-action adaptation will contain those elements of body horror that have become synonymous with the experience.

“The goal is to always stay true to the games; that’s what Binge stands for, ”he adds. “I think you can expect this to have its fair share of mature content.”

Further details on the live-action series will be announced in the coming months, although Ungar is teasing a few big announcements soon. “We’re still in the early stages of development so no one has been picked,” he says, “but I can say we’re bringing in a writer and a director who is going to really excite the fans and get people talking.”



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