Lost Ark player counts skyrocketed, players blame bots


Lost Ark was an unequivocal success for Amazon’s publishing arm, taking the great Korean MMOARPG west. But after a wild launch with 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam, it soon after crashed to a low of around 340,000 competitors. Still high in Steam’s big preview, but a significant loss all the same.

Now? Things have changed.

Since that low point in early April, Lost Ark has spent the past two and a half months steadily rebuilding its player base to the point where it now tops nearly 900,000 concurrent players. It’s a massive shift from Amazon’s in-house MMO New World, which started off strong with 900,000 players itself, but never stopped declining, and has now hit new lows recently with spikes. around 18,000 competitors.

Lost Ark is a regular top game on Steam, often in the top two or three, in the mix with DOTA 2 and CSGO. So why has it grown so much?

  • Lost Ark was kind of a slam dunk to begin with. It has already been present in other regions for years, so it already experienced its growing pains a long time ago. The current Western version is the result of those years of built-in success, giving it an edge over many similar “live” games that have struggled to find their original footing.
  • A light release period of several months may have caused players to come back to it with not much else to play.
  • The free model, which eventually paid for purchases, but there is a huge amount of content to discover for free.
  • Lots of new updates, which include adding new continents, quests and subclasses. That was enough to bring players back.
  • But ultimately, many claim that thousands, tens of thousands or even potentially hundreds of thousands of these players are bots, so some of these winnings may be illegitimate. Amazon has talked about doing widespread bot ban waves already with more to come soon, so we’ll see what that does to player numbers.

Although I left before the current bot-infested era, I really enjoyed Lost Ark because it felt like it scratched my eternal Diablo itch, a void that Immortal didn’t fill. , and won’t be until Diablo 4 a year from now. My only issue with Lost Ark was time. As an MMO, it commands a together a lot of time even just to manage a single character and keep increasing their power. As such, with so many other live games that I also have to follow, I couldn’t go on long term. But if I could clone myself, that clone would absolutely be playing and writing Lost Ark right now, though maybe the bots would be too much to bear.

The past few days have seen some big drops for Lost Ark, but mostly due to server and maintenance issues I believe. I really want to see if it goes back above a million, because that’s currently how it seems to be trending, and how many will be dropped if these new bot bans are actually enforced.

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