Love Island’s Liberty Poole says relationship with Jake Cornish ‘still affects me’


No one went on a trip during the 2021 summer series of Love Island then Liberty Poole.

The Birmingham-born contestant, adored by fans for her warm, down-to-earth personality, left the villa four days before the final after splitting from Jake Cornish, who she had been in a relationship with from day one.

While the couple initially seemed destined to live happily ever after, it became clear that Poole was more invested in the relationship than Cornish, who, as viewers suspected, may have been exaggerating his feelings for the cameras.

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“You know what? It still touches me,” said Poole, who now lives in Manchester. “But in a good way. That was the first time I ever ran away [from a relationship] and said, ‘No, I choose myself’ – and I’ve done that ever since.’

It helped that the bubbly blonde – who now has 1.5 million followers on Instagram – was embraced by the Love Island fandom, for which she is immensely grateful.

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“I’ve been really lucky because I know some people can come out and they haven’t always had the nicest comments about them, which can be quite difficult. You have to be very strong mentally.”

However, the 22-year-old was unprepared for some of the underhanded compliments she received.

“Little things like the cameras got me dirty and I look a lot better in person,” Poole explains. “I’m sure people don’t mean it in a horrible way, but sometimes you think, ‘Oh God, what did I look like?'”

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While she may not have found lasting love in the Spanish villa, the former marketing student says her time on the reality show has given her more confidence in the long run.

“I think I hold back my opinion less now. I also put myself first – I never did,” she recalls.

“In addition, I will say a lot more what I think and stand up for what I think is right. I might not have done that because I was too scared to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Liberty Poole attending the 2021 National Television Awards (Ian West/PA)

She hasn’t remained friends with Cornish (“I always wish him the best, of course, but I’m out of touch — and haven’t been in a very, very long time”) and is now focusing on her career as a social media influencer and TV broadcaster. personality.

“I would love to present in the future,” said Poole, who competed on Dancing On Ice earlier this year. “And I would also like to continue to inspire young girls with my platform.”

Speaking at a panel event in London is another example of how her Love Island fame has changed Poole for the better.

“I can walk into a room and be myself,” she says. “There were about 50 people [in the audience] and I just walked in and started talking. I don’t get nervous. It has made me a more confident, stronger person.”

Poole is a brand ambassador for self-tanning brand Skinny Tan (Skinny Tan/PA)

Now the Skinny Tan ambassador is warning sunbathers of the dangers of too much UV exposure with the brand’s ‘Fake it don’t bake it’ campaign, in partnership with the charity Melanoma UK.

“It creates awareness against melanoma, which is skin cancer,” says Poole, who used tanning beds until a mole appeared on her stomach.

“I went to check it out and they said, ‘It’s not cancer right now, but it could get aggressive’. And I’ve just stopped going in the tanning bed since.”

Poole’s Picks: 5 Beauty Purchases She Can’t Live Without

(Lean brown/PA)

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“I literally leave everything to the last minute! This saves my life because it develops in an hour, then you can wash it off – it’s one of my favorite products.”


MAC Lip Pencil in Spice, £18

“I’d say Spice and Soar are my two favorite lip liners from MAC. I like a pink lip. A nudey-pinky lipstick, then I apply a pink gloss over it – that’s my everyday lip look.”


Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette 001, £36

“I love a Dior highlighter – the highlight palette is really nice, because you have a lot of beautiful shades to choose from.”


Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush in Flushing For You, £5, Boots

“Liquid blush is one of my new favorites. It gives you a very nice glow.”

(The Perfume Shop/PA)

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Eau de Parfum, £51 for 30ml, The Perfume Shop

“Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal is my number one perfume in the whole world. It smells so good. Do you know when you have a perfume and it becomes your scent? It’s really feminine, and it says in the name – outrageous, but in a good way!”


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