Lymond Moses’ family announce lawsuit against New Castle County Police Department


WILMINGTON, Del. (UKTN) – The family of Lymond Moses, 30, a Delaware man gunned down by New Castle County officers earlier this year, have filed a lawsuit against New Castle County, the county public department of New Castle. Security, the New Castle Police Department and the three officers involved in the incident. Lymond Moses was shot and killed in Wilmington on January 13.

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“I need answers. I have to respond to my children when they would like to know what happened, I want to be honest, ”said Amanda, Moses’ wife. “Can we reveal the truth about this so that I can tell my children what happened to their father?” In the right way? It was not justified.

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The bodycam video of the shot can be seen below. It starts in Wilmington just after 1 a.m. on January 13. It was then that county police saw Moses’ car parked with its engine running.

“Do me a favor, come out for me, man,” police told Moses in the video.

The officers try to speak with Moses, but he walks away.

According to New Castle County Police, officers opened fire after Moses’ vehicle turned around and rushed directly at the officers, endangering them.

His family does not believe this story. They say the bodycam video shows that none of the officers were in the way of Moses’ vehicle.

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“They weren’t in front of the vehicle. They weren’t in danger, ”Spence said.

Bodycam video shows Moses turning around and approaching an officer, appearing to walk around him. He then passes a second officer, who fires. A third officer also fires.

“These officers were on the outside of the vehicle and were firing,” Spence said.

The family do not know why Moses left, but they point out that he did not have a weapon with him.

“It is clear and obvious that this was an unwarranted shooting,” said Emeka Igwe, the family lawyer. “We saw in the George Floyd case that Derek Chauvin had 17 complaints. We don’t know if any of these officers had any complaints because we don’t even know their names.

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A memorial now stands where Moses was killed by police in January.

New Castle County Police have not released the names of the officers involved.

The Delaware attorney general’s office investigated the incident but has not said when it is expected to end.

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Howard Monroe of CBS3 contributed to this report.



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