Man who killed boss’ family in US over failed job promotion arrested after 8 years: report


Fang Lu was arrested minutes after he landed in the US.

A man who murdered his boss’ entire family in Houston eight years ago has been arrested. Fang Lu was arrested on Sept. 11, moments after arriving from China, according to Houston Chronicle. The massacre took place on January 30, 2014, when the bodies of Maoye Sun, 50, MeiXie Sun, 49, Timothy Sun, 9, and Titus Sun, 7 were found in separate bedrooms with bullet holes. Police have now revealed the chilling motive behind the murder.

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Police said that after Fang Lu’s arrest, the entire family was wiped out because the 58-year-old was angry that Maoye, his superior at work, did not recommend him for a promotion, the outlet said.

According to court documents filed by the police, Fang wanted to be transferred to the research and development department of the company where he worked and asked Maoye to put in a good word.

But when he reached the office, Fang noticed that his colleagues were behaving differently with him and suspected that Maoye was saying something derogatory about him.

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He further thought that this might be the reason he didn’t get the promotion, according to documents obtained by Houston Chronicle.

Investigators targeted Fang after reviewing his statements about the gun, which they said were contradictory.

His wife told investigators that Fang had a dispute with Maoye over the promotion. She also expressed “disbelief” after investigators told her Fang had bought a firearm.

UKTN analysis final nail in the coffin

Fang had told investigators he was angry with Maoye about the incident, but continued to deny any role in the murders.

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The everyday beast reported that the forensics team found UKTN mixtures from a Coach wallet they found in the Sun family’s home. The samples matched Fang, but by the time the results came, he had already returned to his native China.

Investigators thought they would never be able to arrest Fang, but it happened when he landed at the California airport.



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